About Us

When we had sold all our business, we were ready for a new challenge. The first time we saw the Finca, which was for sale, was during a visit to the neighbourhood with friends. We fell in love immediately. During the process of buying we heard that the local hotel was for sale, already for a long time, and in 2011 we started the renovation and rebuilding of La Posada del Angel. After many renovations, including a newly built swimming pool, the extension with three holiday homes in Ojén and an increasingly busy hotel, Alex and Esther Leenen took over the exploitation from us in 2019.

Together we rent the houses, which gives the guests the opportunity to use the facilities of the hotel. Alex, the new owner, is a great cook and provides meals several times a week. You can also have breakfast on the beautiful patio, use the heated pool and obtain information about all the activities in the area, although the houses have an extensive information book.

On the village square of Ojén you will also find Tetería “Pinchos y Chocolate” run by Veerle and Richard. After working with us in the hotel for a number of years, they started their own restaurant. We still work with them too. You can always contact them with questions about the houses, for information, or for tasty tapas, a meal or delicious home-baked cakes.

Together with our teenage sons, we now live in the centre of Marbella, but we are still often in Ojén. We finally found time to make the walks and trips that we never had time for. By means of a blog we will keep you informed of our findings and all new activities that are being developed in the area.

Helga en Ton