The Sierra de las Nieves has become a National Park

Ojén’s backyard

Since July 2021 Andalusia has a third National Park: the Sierra de las Nieves. During my time as the owner of Hotel La Posada del Angel in Ojén, there were always guests who wanted to take a walk in that area. We know all the trails and beautiful views on the Ojén side of the park ourselves. But what makes this area so special that it now enjoys the highest protection?

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Newsletter spring 2021

The next step…..

Living in Andalusia for almost 10 years and enjoying Spanish life to the full, it is time for the next step. Setting up our charming Posada del Angel in Ojén, near Marbella, was a fantastic challenge. After many renovations and extensions with three village houses, Alex and Esther took over the hotel from us in 2019.

Slowing down and sitting still is actually not an option at all. We still think it is way too much fun to stop doing business and receiving guests; to provide them with tips and tell them about the amazing environment. That is how “Casas Ojén” was born.

In collaboration with La Posada del Angel, we rent out holiday homes in and around Ojén. Always adapted to the conditions set by international tourists: a garden or terrace, excellent WiFi, international TV, and air conditioning.

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Hiking around Ojén

Ojén is one of the White Villages of the Sierra de las Nieves where you can discover the wilderness. With wonderful walks, this is an ideal destination for those who want to combine the beach and the sun with beautiful trips through the hinterland. Since the mountains rise directly from the Costa del Sol, they offer an impressive sight from the summit. In all of the rugged and hilly terrain, there is only a small part cultivated in which nature can be admired with all of its unspoilt beauty.

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