Newsletter spring 2021

Newsletter spring 2021

The next step…..

Living in Andalusia for almost 10 years and enjoying Spanish life to the full, it is time for the next step. Setting up our charming Posada del Angel in Ojén, near Marbella, was a fantastic challenge. After many renovations and extensions with three village houses, Alex and Esther took over the hotel from us in 2019.

Slowing down and sitting still is actually not an option at all. We still think it is way too much fun to stop doing business and receiving guests; to provide them with tips and tell them about the amazing environment. That is how “Casas Ojén” was born.

In collaboration with La Posada del Angel, we rent out holiday homes in and around Ojén. Always adapted to the conditions set by international tourists: a garden or terrace, excellent WiFi, international TV, and air conditioning.

Situation Covid

Since newspapers are full of Corona news all day, we do not think we can contribute very much to the information provided. At the moment, in February 2021, a fairly strict lockdown applies in Spain. The rules vary with the changing infection rates per 100,000 inhabitants over the last 14 days. Catering and non-essential shops are then open until 6 p.m. (number below 1000) or completely closed (above 1000) and there is a 9 p.m. curfew. We have to stay within the borders of Marbella (above 500) and the province (under 500). Now, that is not a punishment as there is plenty to do here. Especially with the sunny weather and temperatures of around 20 degrees. Traveling to and from Spain is not recommended, but is possible. Tests back and forth are necessary.

The expectation is that in a month’s time we will have come a long way in the right direction. Vaccinations are vigorous and Spaniards discuss a little less about the measures and simply adhere to them. That gives hope for late spring and summer.

The Spanish government is very aware of the need to relaunch tourism and is working on scenarios to safely start welcoming foreign tourists again.

Covid Guarantee when booking

In the coming period, we will closely monitor how the regulations and the possibilities develop here. In any case, we offer our accommodations for the time being with a “Covid guarantee”: If you cannot travel due to government measures, you can cancel free of charge. In other words, if there are no planes flying and/or if the Spanish borders are closed to foreign tourists. Or when the internal Spanish borders are closed and Ojén would not be accessible. Personal circumstances are not included; we recommend travel insurance for this. Any amounts paid in advance will be returned immediately, so no hassle with vouchers.

Our selection of holiday homes so far

Casa Fuente

A charming village house in a narrow street, around the corner from the village square. The best of both worlds, so to speak. Suitable for a couple, with or without one or two children. It is less suitable for four adults because a sofa bed, however comfortable, is not ideal for that. The cottage is fully equipped: international television and formidable WiFi. From the roof terrace, you can see the coast of Marbella. Guests of Casa Fuente can use the swimming pool of hotel “La Posada del Angel”

Casa Charcas

Casa Charcas is also situated at a three-minute walk from the hotel, cafes, and shops. This slightly larger house has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Of course again with all conveniences, WiFi, International TV, and a large roof terrace with dining table and BBQ. The sofa bed in the living room folds out for two children. Guests of Casa Charcas can use the swimming pool of hotel “La Posada del Angel”

Finca Santa Ana

A country villa in the campo. That sounds further away than it is. We offer a detached house at a 7-minute walk from the village square. Three bedrooms, three bathrooms. A small pool, a private garden. Naturally equipped with all the conveniences a traveler can expect in 2021. With the sofa bed included, six adults and two children can spend their holiday here.

Coming soon 

We are regularly asked by fellow villagers to rent out their house. Usually, we are very hesitant about that. We believe that a house should always (at least) have access to a garden or terrace, air conditioning, good TV with international channels, thunderous WiFi, good beds, and a rental permit. That is the basis. An expansion of our range is currently in the pipeline. A characteristic house in the Campo. Walking distance from the village. Suitable for two people. Impressive views, private pool, and an area for dogs. We will keep you informed.

New! Small cute finca for 2 people with swimming pool, in the campo close to the village…… You can even bring your dog.

Refurbishment Finca Santa Ana

After ten years of intensive use and a few heavy cloudbursts, it was clear: the Finca was in need of a makeover. First, we handled the outside; new walls and drainage around the site, the lawn was leveled and new water reservoirs were constructed. Inside, we made new bathrooms, a new kitchen, and a rearrangement of rooms. Once we started, we immediately replaced the sewerage, electricity, and water pipes. The internet became fiber-optic and super-fast and everything was repainted. We can use it for years to come.


There are more agencies and people in and arround Ojén, where beautiful houses are offered. Often not the standard accommodation. We maintain contact with them closely and can therefore often search “by order”.

Tour of Andalusia

If you would like to extend your visit to Ojén with a one or two week stay in another part of Andalusia, we can help you find similar homes elsewhere. During our stay in this neighborhood, we have come across nice homes from colleagues over the years.

Stay informed

We are available to help and we also like to keep you informed with all kinds of information. Tips about the nicest beaches, new walks that we have discovered, especially in this time. Useful things to know about Spain and this neighbourhood, in addition to upcoming restaurant recommendations! You can visit our website for this, which we will provide with more information in the near future ( There, you can also sign up to receive the latest messages. We can also be followed on Instagram and Facebook.

Please take a look at the website of the hotel: Thanks to our close cooperation with Alex and Esther, we are a lot more flexible in our options.

What would you like to know about Andalusia, Malaga or Ojén?

You can always send us an email with questions and ideas for articles: Or feel free to call us: +34 638 137 369 / +34 648 714 745

And finally: How are we doing privately?

After the sale of our hotel in 2019, it didn’t seem like a good idea to stay in Ojén. That was for two reasons. First, it does not give new operators a sense of freedom if the old owners more or less stay on top of it. A second reason was our two “teenagers”. The possibilities of a somewhat larger city lured. If only for the simpler transport options. From our home in Marbella, we can walk to the beach and the old city centre in just a few minutes.

Our eldest, Jochem, will leave for Rotterdam after the summer to continue studying there. Siebe will stay with us for a few more years.

We, Helga and Ton, now have more time to do exactly all those things that we never had the time for: see a lot more of Spain, discover new hiking routes, try out the best beach bars, test new restaurants, and play on the golf course. The latter works quite well with about 10 courses within the municipal boundary. Those restaurants and beach bars are more difficult, as we are now bothered by the current measures. We have also learned not to look too far ahead. We are (of course) already thinking about new projects, but things don’t always go as planned. That’s what makes it all so much fun.

Hopefully we’ll see you soon in Ojén!

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